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Services for property owners

We help owners to make efficient use of their properties while maximising their returns. This includes identifying the right layout, coming up with a rental strategy, and filling vacant premises.

Occupancy and profit

We review your current rental strategy with a view to generating higher returns, and match the property with the right tenant.

Leasing strategy

Drawing on a market analysis, we propose how to position the project. We help you to set competitive lease conditions and recommend an appropriate tenant mix.

Property selling

We prepare a sale strategy, including an appraisal of the selling price. We reach out to private or institutional investors and end users.

Consultation and analysis

Drawing on precise data and our years of experience, we produce studies tailored to your specific needs.


Our marketing services cover everything from giving the project an identity to engaging in the targeted promotion of the property.

Do you need advice regarding your property?

We'll take care of everything from the project's identity marketing to targeted property promotion.