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The successful launch of a new project hinges on acquiring the right land. We offer expertise in cultivating land opportunities, a comprehensive insight into the Czech commercial land market, and strategic consultations aimed at finding the ideal location for development.

Our Services


Landowners and investors come to us for all-encompassing guidance.

Feasibility study

We assess the viability of a project in a particular area and weigh up the potential risks associated with its development.


We run competitive tendering to select design and engineering contractors.

Changes to land-use plans

We oversee the entire process of rezoning specific parcels of land.

Design and engineering

We draw up the brief, commission and prepare the design documents required for EIAs, zoning decisions, and building permits, and then manage the authorisation process.

Owner representation

We represent owners in dealings with the authorities and/or in the sale of their land to end users and developers.

Do you have suitable land for construction?

Do not hesitate to contact us.