Data is central to our approach. For over a decade, we’ve been harnessing data to help our clients across all segments make the right choices and deliver better results.

Services at a glance

Analysis of lease conditions

We survey rents and lease conditions in a given location and run a comparison with your existing contract.

Location and project analysis

We assess a location thoroughly by looking at existing infrastructure, current and planned developments, the prices being offered, legislative constraints, and other factors that have a bearing on potential construction.

Competition and business strategy analysis

We provide you with a detailed breakdown of the specific segment (e.g. e-commerce), including the main competitors. We assess and propose a way forward, including locations that may be candidates for expansion.

Tailored reporting

Customised reports are perfect when you need specific information about the commercial real estate market.

Tailored data visualisation

We take a dataset and turn it into graphs, maps and/or other types of visualisation to suit your requirements.


Are you in need of comprehensive information for your business?

We will prepare tailor-made reports for you.