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Industrial lettings

With its warehouse complexes, distribution and logistics centres, and specialised hi-tech manufacturing plants, industrial real estate is the bedrock on which the modern economy is built. Our many years experience in this sector means that we are able to offer our clients a well-rounded understanding of the industrial market in the CEE region.

Services at a glance

Property search

Once we know what you need, we draw on our knowledge of the current market situation to prepare a list of suitable premises. We focus on encompassing as broad a selection as possible so that we can assess and compare the various options on their own merits.


Clients come to us most frequently when they need an agent to help them find a place to rent or sublease. We will brief you on the market situation, pick out suitable properties, and negotiate the best possible lease terms for you.

Property valuations

We professionally appraise the financial aspects of a particular property and analyse what opportunities exist to use the premises for the intended purposes.

Legal services

We enjoy a-standing relationship with an established law firm and are able to proficiently review all the details of contracts or, if required, draft contracts that are tailored to a specific case.

Consultation and analysis

When preparing studies tailored to your specific needs, we draw on precise data and our many years of experience to assess the various aspects required to make an informed decision on a planned deal.

Rental strategy

In order for premises to be used efficiently, a suitable leasing strategy needs to be in place. We take an individual approach to each property based on the current market situation, and provide the owner with objective advice on how best to proceed.

Lease negotiations

We act as a mediator between the contracting parties when the terms of a future lease are being negotiated. Our many years’ experience is your guarantee that the best possible terms will be secured.

Logistics studies

We identify weak points in intralogistics and recommend how to optimise them, increase operational efficiency and make savings.

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