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We will introduce you to investment opportunities on the property market and guide you through the entire transaction process. We specialise in income-generating properties, but are also adept when it comes to the acquisition of attractive land plots with a ready-made development project, or of existing properties for end users. 

Services at a glance

Due dilligence

We look very closely at all aspects of a planned investment to verify the investment projections and expose any potential risks.

Acquisition consultancy

We offer all-embracing advice on finding the ideal project under conditions that work best for your business plan.

Property selling

Our comprehensive services encompass the adoption of an appropriate sales strategy tailored to the individual property, the assessment of market opportunities, and assistance in negotiating the sale.

Property valuations

We appraise the financial aspects of a particular property and analyse what opportunities exist to use the premises for the intended purposes.

Property searches

We compile a summary of potential properties for acquisition and select suitable projects based on the current market situation that can then be discussed further.

Complete representation throughout the deal

Our coordination of the sale or acquisition process covers strategy, negotiations, and contract finalisation in order to minimise risks and secure the best possible terms.

Consultation and analysis

Drawing on precise data and our years of experience, we prepare dedicated studies tailored to your needs and requirements.

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