Logistic studies and 3PL consulting

Having an analysis of total logistics costs for different locations or for different numbers of warehouses is crucial for important management decisions for many years to come. Our point of view can be both a new inspiration and a confirmation of your intuition. The support we offer can be replicated on the saying "Measure twice and build a central warehouse in the right place once."

Center of Gravity

Finding the right location for a production or distribution warehouse means evaluating a number of factors. We'll suggest a suitable approach and show how the location and total cost can vary with different parameters.

Number and size of warehouses

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, we will find the optimal locations for your warehouses. We will design their capacity and layout to minimize logistics costs.

Predictive models

Our predictive models help you to optimise your inventory. We can predict future inventory volumes, giving you a valuable tool for strategic planning.

Layout design

Will you be opening your first cross-dock or do you need to design a smaller used area in your warehouse? Together we will create an analysis of the current situation and propose potential savings through a new layout.

Organisation of selection procedures

Choosing the right 3PL supplier should not just be a question of lowest price, but also a consideration of other important factors. We will handle the complex organisation of the tender process for you, from the joint creation of the tender documents and the request for proposals (RFI), through the definition of the criteria and the request for quotation (RFQ), to the determination of the final order for negotiation.

Are you interested in optimizing your production or warehouse location?

Get back to us. We will find the ideal solution for you and minimize your logistics costs.