108 AGENCY is heading to the 28th MIPIM 2017

As in the past, MIPIM will be the indicator of global trends again this year. The revolution in technologies, geopolitical instability and social changes reflect in technologies, geopolitical instability and social changes reflect in global business and the real estate market is no exception. That is why the main theme this year will be the „New Deal“, paraphrasing Roosevelt’s inter-war New Deal in the USA as a set of economic and social reforms carried out in reaction to the global economic crises. The main speaker is the globally recognized strategist Parag Khanna. He believes that it will be the interconnectivity (of organizations, people and technologies) going beyond state borders that will play a key role in years to come. Several conferences and panel discussions, including the traditional summit of mayors of global cities will be dedicated to the main theme of the „New Deal“. Topics associated with innovation, sustainable development and the construction of green buildings remain the evergreen shoots of this event. Conferences and round tables regarding Brexit impact on European investment and real estate market will also be interesting. More than 5,000 accredited international investors and representatives of financial institutions will also be discussing, at the investment summit held within the MIPIM, other geopolitical changes (results of the US presidential elections, the upcoming elections in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy) that the global real estate market will have to respond to.

Representation of three largest Czech cities represented by mayors and their deputies is a respectable invitation for many specialists. Apart from investment visions and projects, the cities are prepared to also present together the Czech power of partnership and co-operation. Investors will have an opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview of the whole of the Czech Republic and investment opportunities in Ostrava, Brno and Prague. Their mutual exposition with an individual space for each city is displayed within an area 253 sq m. They also introduce partners whose operations in Czech Republic illustrate the quality of the local investment environment. Besides representatives of P3 Logistics Parks, AFI Europe Czech Republic, Crestyl and other, you can meet also Jakub Holec, managing director of 108 AGENCY, throughout the fair trade.

Source: Development News 3/2017