A wine tasting, music, and a family-friendly atmosphere. This was the fifth year at the races for 108 AGENCY

The birthday celebration of 108 AGENCY, which welcomed a record number of participants this year, took place at the horse races in Chuchle, Prague. Although the sporting event at 108 AGENCY always happens in the Spring, on account of the round-numbered anniversary it was moved to September. The event began at 1 PM and was followed by 8 exciting races, which thrilled both the parents and their children.

While the delectable wines of Marko Jelič satisfied the palettes of the connoisseur parents, the kids were able to try face-painting, balloon animals, and cupcake decorating under the supervision of an experienced pastry chef. Then the families went to taste the chocolate fountain together, watched the cutting of a specially designed cake for the tenth birthday of 108 AGENCY, and listened to celebration speech by the director of the company, Jakub Holec.

“​The race track has strong symbolism for me. While watching the graceful, fast, and powerful horses, I can’t help but to see an allegory to our company just like them we are trying to persevere, to always be a few steps ahead, and at the same time, with all elegance, to reach our goals,”​ said Jakub Holec.

After spending the day together the visitors left with a nice piece of memorabilia in the form of Polaroid pictures, as well as a special gift: a ten-year-old bottle of fine Champagne.