The growing demand for new warehouses of a larger extent brings a new trend in the construction, for which the general designation "big box" has come to life. The new platform of the real estate-consulting company 108 AGENCY focuses on such projects. On website, the interested parties will find a large database of warehouses, whether in the form of existing construction, project phase or land plots.

The platform is focused on providing a comprehensive overview across the CEE region to present the maximum amount of available storage capacities. In view of the limited number of offers of this scale and the ever-increasing interest of both logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce companies, 108 AGENCY sees the launch of this platform as a further step in improving the service provided to potential and existing clients.

"The idea of the BigBox Locator project is motivated by our experience of recent years, where we feel the growing interest in complex warehousing solutions within the large scale projects. Such realizations deliver maximal efficiency, and we expect the big box projects to become significant in the future not only in our country but across the CEE region," says Jakub Holec, Managing Director 108 AGENCY, company that runs the portal.

In Czech Republic, Amazon's distribution centre in Dobrovíz is one of the best-known examples of the big box warehouse, representing 133 000 sq m, or the newly launched project of the automated warehouse of Makro in the area of CTPark Prague North with an area of 51 053 sq m.