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First appearance at CTP Doksy Race sees 108 Team winning 4th place

The CTP Doksy Race is a medium triathlon, or Half Ironman race, whose General Partner is CTP. In order to successfully complete the race and be in for a chance of a medal, you need to complete a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride and a 21.1 km run. This race has been held in Doksy for eight years now, and each year is further affirmation of the event’s unique atmosphere, further enhanced by the beautiful surroundings of Lake Mácha.

Even leading Czech triathletes regularly take part in this competition, and as well as in individual categories you can test your endurance as a relay team. There is specific separate category, the Real Estate Cup, in which competitors, colleagues and rivals in the real estate and development sector, can compete directly against each other to gain a place on the podium.

The 108 Team won 4th place in the Real Estate relay category, completing the race in a time of 04:59:37.8, and comprising the following competitors:

Ferdinand Hlobil = Aquaman (swimming)

Robert Sgariboldi = Motorized (cycling)

Michal Přib = Fearless Biker (cycling)

Katarína Holcová = Road Runner (running)

Jakub Holec = Finisher (running)

Thank you for the excellent organisation, and congratulation to all competitors for their excellent performances! We look forward to next year!