The Moravian-Silesian Region is expecting a significant amount of new industrial construction in the coming years. TOSAN Park, which has been prepared by the Austrian developer UBM, is currently being offered exclusively by 108 Investment Advisory on the investment market.

TOSAN Park Industrial Zone is one of the largest property-integrated industrial zones in Czechia with its 68.3 hectares. In terms of actual occupancy of other localities, TOSAN Park is the area offering the most extensive construction potential in the Czech Republic. TOSAN Park excels in its excellent location at the D48 motorway, which is the future link between Olomouc, Hranice, Frýdek Místek and the border crossing to Poland in Český Těšín.

The industrial plot in question is the ideal place for an e-commerce distribution centre or, for example, an automotive supplier park, which has the potential to supply several car manufacturers in the catchment area, such as Hyundai Nošovice or Kia Žilina. It can also be established in other automotive companies within the TIER categorization supply chain.

"The TOSAN Park project is an entirely unique opportunity, both in terms of the overall scope and the authorised building land of more than 250 thousand sq m. A valid zoning decision provides investors with the assurance of the project’s realisation in an adequate time horizon. We are convinced that the interest in TOSAN Park will be reflected by the leading developer units established on the Czech market as well as a number of investment companies," says Jan Hospodář, Partner 108 Investment Advisory.

The Moravian-Silesian Region is one of the regions in the Czech Republic with the largest investment and development potential in the country. The highest unemployment rate, the lowest level of wages, the good connections to foreign factories, the tradition of the industrial sector in the region, the regional public affluence and the highest subsidies from the state budget make the Moravian-Silesian Region the most sought-after area of industrial investment. With regard to the scope of the project, construction can be envisaged in several phases, with the start of construction being expected in the course of 2019.