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The Czech start-up The Prostor has established a partnership with the world leader in short-term lease of commercial premises, US based company Storefront. The aim of the partnership is to offer clients the opportunity to unconventionally present their products or services in the form of original pop-up events. The goal is to introduce customers with the novelties in an unusual environment outside of the traditional retail space. For companies in fashion, design but also electronics or automobile manufacturers, pop-up events are welcomed extension of so-called offline marketing.     

“Collaboration with Storefront will allow us to offer Prague’s premises on global scale, helping to present foreign brands in Czechia, says Dušan Hříbal, Director The Prostor.

Storefront currently operates in 8 world capitals across the United States, Europe and Asia. Prague will become the ninth destination, completing Dutch Amsterdam and Italian city of Milan on the old continent. The concept of short-term commercial rentals is similar to the popular Airbnb platform specializing in short-term accommodation. In the on-line platform, the client will choose the appropriate commercial space according to his requirements and time options without being forced to sign the long-term lease agreement as standard in traditional retail premise rentals. This enables not only well established, but also emerging companies to test the market’s interest in their products and. This would be financially unattainable under standard conditions.

In Czech environment, one of the pioneers of pop-up concept is the Swedish furniture company IKEA, which recently announced its intention to open a two-story pop-up studio in the lower part of Wenceslas Square located in the city centre. The company is aiming to strengthen the perception of the IKEA brand in the country through various design installations. „In Czechia, the pop-up presentation is not yet widespread, so our goal is to popularize this idea and expand the portfolio of exclusive spaces. We are not involved only in providing the premises, but also in design and realisation of the pop-up itself. In that respect, we have established a collaboration with the renowned deForm design studio, that has been designing an events for Nike and Heineken for example, adds Dušan Hříbal. Recent pop-up events include the launching of the new Puma XO The Weeknd collection, which was introduced in cooperation with Queens streetwear store. In this case, The Prostor provided the unique modern houseboat, on which the collection was launched.