Last year, we financially supported the professional athlete Eliška, who suffered a cerebral thrombosis and the doctors gave her virtually no chance of survival. But Eliška did not give up and fought every day to return to a normal life and her family. Special treatment programs helped Eliška out of the wheelchair and she can walk again.

This year we decided to lend a helping hand to Jozef, who had a serious car accident in 2006, after which he was in a coma for half a year. Jozef's parents devoted all their energy and money to their son's treatment. Thanks to many stays in hospitals and the care of his parents, his condition began to improve.

In 2012, the family discovered a special rehabilitation clinic that is helping him incredibly. Jozef is already walking! However, no health insurance company covers this type of treatment. The situation got even worse when Jozef's father died 5 years ago, and his mother had to quit her job and take care of her son alone.

We are sending Jozef the funds to buy a special treadmill so that he can rehabilitate better at home, and we will also contribute to his further stays at the clinic. We wish Jozef all the strength and courage to overcome all life's obstacles!