108 AGENCY participated in a unique survey which reveals both trends and problems in Czech logistics and warehousing

The survey took place from March to July 2020. During the questionnaire survey and the in-depth interviews, experts on individual segments shared information relating to, among others, individual companies' investments, future strategies, the need for automation and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business.

From the part dealing with storage premises, it became evident that companies are prepared to pay extra for a good location. When comparing the importance of decisive criteria when selecting premises, location clearly beat price. The right location is important primarily in the sense of its suitability in the supplier chain and the flow of goods, which is something that companies are well aware of. When choosing a location, the most important criterion for logistics providers is transport accessibility. “When selecting new storage locations, emphasis is placed on overall efficiency and economy of operation. Therefore, it's not just about the net cost of constructing or renting a property; it's mainly about the suitability of the given location for the requirements of the user's operation in terms of its place in the supplier chain, transport accessibility, and the availability of a qualified labour force,” explains Robert Sgariboldi, Head of Industrial Agency in 108 AGENCY. Half of the interviewed companies also plan to invest in new storage premises within a one year horizon.

“I'm very pleased that we were able to participate in this extensive survey, which summarises the current trends of modern Czech logistics and at the same time is not afraid to point out weaknesses. The demand for quality logistics services is constantly increasing, and today in particular there is a need to develop this area. The obtained information shows us the current situation in the logistics market from various industry perspectives, and indicates the possible direction which logistics in the Czech Republic will take,” says Jakub Holec, founder and CEO of 108 AGENCY.

The SKLAD association is an independent initiative for the provision of comprehensive services in the industrial segment. It was created in the year 2014, and its members include: 108 AGENCY, AIMTEC, Blumenbecker, HAPPY END, JK Logistika, LogTech, STILL and Zebra Technologies. The individual companies in the SKLAD association specialise in fields which are closely related to production and logistics halls. It provides clients with the advantage of collaborating with just one competent partner for the entire process of hall selection, process setting and all related areas.

108 AGENCY is a real estate consulting company which has focused exclusively on commercial real estate since the year 2009. Since its foundation, it has traded over six million square metres on the Czech and Slovak markets. Clients contact 108 AGENCY regarding rental and sale mediation, investment consulting, marketing and development project management. 108 AGENCY is the only company in the commercial real estate market which is completely in Czech hands. Thanks in part to the absence of a multinational headquarters, the company can fully dedicate itself to refining its distinctive approach to clients, which combines expertise and experience with fairness and a human approach.

The complete brochure, which contains detailed information and the survey results, is available to download at www.sklad.cz/trends2020.