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108 AGENCY presents an interactive map that helps users find optimal industrial premises

108 AGENCY’s online map is a tool that brings our clients a comprehensive overview of the market of both existing and planned industrial real estate. Thanks to a combination of information from the market and macroeconomic data, it helps to evaluate the given locality in a broader context. It therefore facilitates decision-making, which is based on a comparison of real data, explains Michal Bílý, an analyst in the real estate consulting company 108 AGENCY.

The map combines information about the industrial real estate market with macroeconomic data. It‘s therefore possible, for example, to compare information on population, unemployment or average gross wages, and thus create a comprehensive overview. Selected plots that are suitable for acquisition and possible development are also included. The application displays projects according to the stage of availability, from future projects to ones that are available immediately. On the map, it‘s also possible to project so-called heatmaps according to categories, and depict key points of the Czech real estate market in a way that‘s visually pleasing.

“We‘re devoting more and more attention to data collection and analysis, and the online map is one of the means by which we present the data. We‘ve been working intensively on this tool for over a year, and we‘re improving its functions even further. We also plan to launch the Slovak part of the map, whose database is already in the process of being entered, says Jakub Holec, CEO of 108 AGENCY.

“For our company, a leading provider of logistics service outsourcing in the Czech Republic, fast and accurate information is very important for decision-making, whether it involves existing projects or tender procedures that we’re participating in. This innovative digital map of industrial real estate is a tool that can significantly help us, thereby speeding up the process of finding suitable properties for our own needs or those of our clients, says Robert Kuchar, CEO of MD logistika.

The interactive industrial map is a tool prepared for 108 AGENCY’s clients, which is supplemented with the latest information from the industrial market on a daily basis. Access is possible at https://mapa.108agency.cz/.