108 AGENCY won an award at the 2019 HOF Awards

The final ceremony of the 2019 HOF Awards was held in the Mariott Hotel in Prague. Due to last year’s success in the competition, 108 AGENCY got into the finale and became the best agency in the category of Best Warehouse Real Estate Agency. In 2018, the company rented more than 100 000 m2 of storage space in Slovakia and surpassed 300 000 m2 in the Czech Republic. Each of the spaces are used by companies such as Huajie Development, Yusen Logistics, Panalpina, and Tamda Foods.

“I’d love to sincerely thank to the 108 AGENCY team for the great job. Also thanks to our clients for their trust. I’m really thankful for the victory, which confirmed an upcoming trend from the past few years - we’ve managed to win three times in a row in the Czech Republic and also, for the very first time, in Slovakia. We plan to focus on other nearby countries in the future as well. It’s a huge commitment to us, but at the same time, great motivation to work even harder in the next few years,” says Jakub Holec, a secretary of 108 AGENCY.

108 AGENCY has ranked highly in the CIJ Awards since 2015. The Czech and Slovak branch office has won in the past four years in several categories at the same time. In 2018, 108 AGENCY won the Slovak prize CIJ Best Warehouse Lease for the lease of industrial spaces with an area of ​​approximately 40,000 m2.

The Hall of Fame is organized by Roberts Publishing Media Group and brings together real estate professionals and teams from all over Central and Eastern Europe to compete for the Best of the Best HOF Awards in over 30 categories. Winners from previous CIJ Awards are nominated each year. These series of competitions take place in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia.