A little bit of sport for a good cause

Teams from more than two dozens of companies battled in the sand in a relaxed, sporty atmosphere and excellent weather conditions. Among the competing teams were also nine members of 108 AGENCY – Karolína Skalková, Ondřej Konopásek, Matěj Indra, Marcel Metzger, Monika Linhartová, Martina Nielsen, Štefan Ličartovský, Marek Sýkora a Miloslav Uhlíř. Our team finished on 9th to 16th place. The company P3 won the tournament, with Savills claiming the 2nd place and Capexus finishing 3rd. The proceeds from the charity event were given by the organizing company, JLL, to the Slunce endowment fund, where it will be used to support sports and rehabilitation activities of students and adults with a handicap. The event raised 270,000 CZK.

"We are immensely happy and thankful that we could have been part of this event and to contribute not just only with financial help, sports activity but also with a good spirit, that was present throughout the whole tournament," said team members of 108 AGENCY about the activity.

About the endowment fund

This fund was established in February 2002 to support children and adults with special needs. The fund ensures primarily Private nursery, a primary and secondary school in Stochov, and Service center Sun in Unhošť. Besides that, the fund takes care of distributing material donations among organizations that work with children and adults with special needs and providing financial aid to organizations and individuals.