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A prestigious award, a new retail division, and more than 150,000 sq m of industrial space leased: this was the first half of the year for 108 AGENCY

The firm, which is owned by Jakub Holec, decided in April to fully enter the world of retail space leasing, in order to diversify their income and further expand their scope of activities. 108 AGENCY also scored victories in international competitions, when they won first place in the category Best Warehouse Real Estate Agency at the prestigious HOF Awards 2019.

One of the most significant deals of the first half-year was securing the lease extension of more than 30,000 m2 of facilities for the wholesale and electronics distributor company Fast in the west of Prague. In the Pilsen region, 108 AGENCY provided BALL Beverage Packaging with 16,000 m2.

Offices, Slovakia, and Investment

Their subsidiary, 108 Investment Advisory, also performed well in the first half of this year. Jan Hospodář and his team brokered the sale of 148,385 m2 of offices, industrial buildings, and land. The company also gained a significant position in office and retail space leasing, as they managed to close 17 contracts for more than 14 thousand square meters in just six months. 108 AGENCY Slovak’s subsidiary, which was established in 2013, helped clients with the purchase of land or space of 45 269 m2 in addition to the above mentioned 151 706 m2 of industrial leases.

“I’m quite pleased that we have been able to keep up with the international competition for 10 years. Our goal is to continue to expand the scope of the agency, but we must not forget that we were founded on, and have grown from, industrial space leasing. This is why we want to educate the public as to why industrial halls and warehouses are essential for maintaining the quality of life we have now. Although this is not a popular claim, the truth is that industrial developers significantly contribute to reduced unemployment. It’s important to realize that halls and warehouses are an integral part of public infrastructure, even in cities. Without them it wouldn’t be possible for the wide selection of goods in supermarkets to exist as we know it, e-shops would not be able to deliver orders at the lightning-fast speeds customers have come to expect, and there would not be enough jobs available in cities, says Jakub Holec, managing director of 108 AGENCY.