New central warehouse under swallow wings of Den Braven in Prešov

Den Braven is a supplier of construction solutions for building industries. As a market leader keeps on looking for new possibilities to become closer to their customers and offer not only to the broad scope of products, but also progressive materials, state of the art materials, ample consulting and sophisticated logistics.

„The question of warehouse premises consolidation in the East Slovakia was open for a long time. Expansion to the new premises opens up new chapter in the development of our company. The chosen solution will merge all of the premises into central one, make the operation more effective and offer to our clients broader capacity and flexibility while ensuring their deliveries,“ says Kamila Moráveková, CEO Den Braven Slovensko.

„Den Braven needed to consolidate and the existing premises in East Slovakia. We have recommended to them Logistic Centre Petrovany, where was negotiated built to suit premises with potential expansion. Cooperation with Den Braven was challenging for us and we are glad we have fulfilled the expectations. We hope to follow up this cooperation in the future,“ says Miroslava Šáchová, managing director real estate consulting company 108 AGENCY Slovensko that has cooperated on this transaction.

Logistic Centre Petrovany is an established industrial park in East Slovakia. „We are glad we can offer our premises to the international companies, to which we can offer need solutions. For Den Braven we build warehouse premises with ADR. We appreciate to have them in our park,“ says Peter Hrinko, CEO Chemako, the owner of Logistic Centre Petrovany.

Den Braven belongs for more than 40 years to the ranking global producers of binders, silicones, polyurethane assembling skims, technical aerosols of the highest quality and supplier of intelligent system solutions for building chemistry. Den Braven was established back in 1993 as a individual part of Dutch company and has developed due to the vision of owners, innovation of product portfolio and passion of their employees. In 1996 got Dutch investors, and redeemed by spouses Rysoví. They were never afraid of opportunities and build up local Den Braven that become leader not only from the size point of view, but also and mainly due to the broad scope of assortment.

Logistické Centrum Petrovany is an industrial park situated in neighborhood of Prešov, next to the exit to Košice highway. In the park are located many international companie such as PPG Deco Slovakia, TESCO and others.