SKLAD CASE STUDY - complex service for warehousing and logistics

Within the workshop, SKLAD presented the Pick by Light project which has been successfully introduced into service of a car company IAC Group Slovakia. The project purpose was to implement a sequential picking of the car-doors with an emphasis on a low error rate of the process. Visitors could also get acquainted with a new warehouse system made for a retail company SPORTISIMO, the system helped to quicken and streamline all the processes of the company´s central warehouse. Another case study, the system for dense storing was delivered to a food company PepsiCo Praha and it was aiming to find maximum utilization of an existing storage space.

SKLAD is an independent initiative of leading suppliers operating in the area of logistics and production. The association offers the services in all the related fields including a finding suitable commercial property, its equipment and funding. SKLAD helps the firms to simplify the whole process of their project implementation, from worry to contact more suppliers to the extra costs due to ineffective communication among the different entities. A wide spectrum of cooperating companies in the SKLAD simply ensures everything necessary for a client "in one package".