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EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is a process for evaluating the impacts of proposed projects or activities on the environment. In the context of commercial real estate, it usually refers to the assessment of the environmental impacts of new construction, renovation, or significant change in the use of a property.

EIA can include the assessment of a range of different factors, including:

  • Impacts on air, water, and soil quality
  • Impacts on local ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Impacts on cultural and historical resources
  • Impacts on the health and quality of life of local residents
  • Potential changes in landscape characteristics
  • Noise and traffic burdens
  • Resource consumption and waste production

In many countries, EIA is mandatory for certain types of projects and must be conducted before any construction activity can commence. The outcomes of EIA can influence the decision on whether a given project will be approved or whether certain changes to the design, operational procedures, or protective measures will be required.

EIA is an important tool for managing environmental risks and promoting sustainable development in the field of commercial real estate.

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