Trends in Czech Logistics 2022: Where are logistics and warehousing in the Czech Republic heading today?

The research was carried out by the Ipsos agency between May and August 2022 and involved more than 130 managers from the logistics and warehousing industry. They shared their opinions on what affects them the most these days and what they face in practice.

Thanks to this connection, the study offers an expert view of the current state of Czech logistics and touches on trends in investment, the future of logistics and warehousing, and the impact of certain external influences (the war in Ukraine and the covid-19 pandemic).

You can download the complete brochure for free and learn, for example, that companies choose warehouse premises depending mainly on their location, price and transport accessibility, which influences the possibility of obtaining the necessary workforce, or that up to 95 % of the companies surveyed expect at least partial warehouse automation within 5 years.

Michal Bílý, head of the 108 AGENCY market research department, commented on the situation on the industrial real estate market: “The turbulent and uncertain period of Q4 2022 to Q1 2023 will mainly affect e-shop operators and smaller local businesses. Like the retail industry as a whole, they have to deal with the confluence of rising costs and declining customer demand. Some of them will probably be forced to leave the market or warehouse premises. Multinational companies with sufficient capital can then take advantage of this situation for possible expansion, giving them greater independence in distant markets, including China. The situation will be reflected in a partial increase in vacant premises.”